In this page I write reviews of products and services which I find recommendable. Guess what ? You can as well write reviews about me and other products that interest you, right here. Cheers.

Venice Beach Fitness Studio

4.0 rating
October 6, 2019

Amazing and clean fitness studio. Nice music, nice protein shakes. You just need to discipline to use the membership 🙂


Mcfit Fitness studio

3.0 rating
October 6, 2019

Joint this few months ago. I enjoyed the music during the training. I was not able to get a trainer there. However its recommended.


Power Shaver

5.0 rating
October 6, 2019

I just bought this amazing 1BX shaver from the instarmarkt store. Its very powerful and affordable. Who could have thought for 24 Euros you will get a trimmer, nose trimmer and several facilities with recharge facility.

Henry A