Social Media marketing has been laughed at by a few people. It’s not an issue because all companies do not have the same goals in marketing, Neither are they at the same stage in growth. During 7 years of market analysis, both online and offline I have experienced that online marketing plays a powerful role. Due to the ability to collect and analyze data easily. 

Using ad systems such as google and bing ads, I noticed, it’s always an important idea to carry out the 2nd campaign with social media so that users who visited the website from search engine ads could be re-targeted via social media ads. 

For this to be successful, landing pages and user interface for every website must always have the right content and keywords.  

Putting it all together, accelerating the growth of a business and reputation could be completed by creating partnerships with social media influencers and certain strategic partners.

Strategic partners are very important especially for e-commerce companies who might be searching for easier techniques to introduce their products into stores offline. 

Welcome to my blog. Occasionally, I will share with you content related to online marketing (SEM, SEO, Social media, UI optimization), of-line marketing (mostly creating deals strategic deals for e-commerce brands). Of course, I have some hobbies/passions that I will as well share in my blog. My blog is the tab entitled “Guess what”

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