Social Media marketing has been laughed at by a few people. Its not an issue because all companies do not have same goals in marketing, neither are they at same stage in growth. With over 7 years of analysing the markets both online and offline I can tell that online marketing is far more powerful than offline marketing. This has to do with the powerful of analytics and social listening. During my almost a decade of research and work I have come across lots powerful marketing strategies. I have travelled to several countries and met several people. I do not know it all but I know a bit about marketing to own a blog. 

After studying the microsoft bing and adwords ads mechanisms I created a system for retargeting using social media and the pixel technology. I also managed to acquire all certifications for Bing and Google ads I could find online.

Enough about marketing. In this website you will also find many coupons to many services and products. Feel free to enjoy them. Guess what ? they are free and yours forever. I also have lots fun stuff to share in my blog. Just click on the tab that says “Guess what”  I would routinely blog about my travels, experiences, observations and random thoughts. Feel free to share yours with me. 

Also please you can write reviews about products and services under the review panel. These include my products or services and other peoples products. I will do my best to review good services and products whenever or wherever I find them. Find me on other media, such as Linkedin, Facebook or other businesses or organisations that I am affiliates with. 





More Certifications

Google Ads – Measurement Certification

  • Shopping ads Certification


Certificates / Education

Bachelors- IBM

Microsoft Bing Accredited Ads Professional


  • Google Ads Search Certification

  • Google Ads Video Certification

  • Google Ads Display Certification